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Amagansett is a hamlet within the town of East Hampton, New York. Rustic and refined, Amagansett possesses that ideal combination of low-key living and alluring elegance. This oceanfront paradise, named as a “place of good water” by the Montaukett Indians, is perhaps the best-kept secret of the Hamptons. The 6.6-square-mile hamlet has a short but sweet Main Street and is home to tranquil beaches, stretches of dunes and solitude, and an array of bold-faced names and historic homes, such as the ultra-exclusive Devon Colony, founded by Procter & Gamble executives in the late 19th century.  Amagansett was settled by Dutch colonists between 1680 and 1690, who were shortly joined by English families. The hamlet’s name is derived from a Montaukett word meaning “place of good water.” Early industries on which Amagansett survived include whaling and shoemaking – but its pristine local environment and coastal location have made it a popular area for year-round and summer residencies amongst wealthy individuals in recent decades. Notable people who have lived in Amagansett include Paul McCartney, Jerry Seinfeld, Suzanne Vega, Matthew Broderick and Gwyneth Paltrow. During World War II, Amagansett was the landing site for an attempted series of Nazi attacks on sites crucial to the American economy. In 1942, Operation Pastorius sent two groups of German spies who had previously lived in the US back to the country on submarines which were filled with explosives to be used in the attacks. The mission was compromised when John Cullen, an unarmed Coast Guardsman, discovered one of the Germans in the dunes of the beach; he was bribed to keep silent on the matter, but promptly reported it upon returning to his station. The operation fell into further disarray and ultimate failure when two of the eight Germans attempted to defect to the US.